[Album] E-40 - "Practice Makes Paper"

[Album] E-40 – “Practice Makes Paper”

July 27, 2019 abegtrending 0

E-40 stayed true to his Bay sound and rapping style that has set him apart for decades. He’s able to diversify the music enough with current productions and beats that are storming the airwaves today while also creating an album that doesn’t have tracks that sound too much alike. The overwhelming features are almost a celebration of rap and hip hop as these artists have the opportunity to share the spotlight on an album delivered by a legend. Check out Practice Makes Paper and let us know which tracks are your favorites.

Album: Chance The Rapper's - The Big Day

[Album] Chance The Rapper’s – “The Big Day”

July 27, 2019 abegtrending 0

Chance The Rapper – “The Big Day”. It’s been over six years since Chance The Rapper made his way into the limelight with Acid Rap. The rapper’s become a global superstar in his own right within that time but he’s done it without releasing an actual studio album. Since the release of 2016’s Coloring Book, he’s continued to release new music while teasing his “owbum.” The album was set to drop at midnight but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. After a minor delay, Chance finally debuts his first official studio album, The Big Day.

Willow Smith - WILLOW

[Album] Willow Smith – WILLOW

July 20, 2019 abegtrending 0

Willow Smith, She’s currently enjoying vacation vibes with her entire family as they yacht along the coasts of Greece and Italy, an adventure that father Will Smith has no problem documenting for social media. Aside from taking in the summer sun with her kinfolk and her rumored boyfriend, Tyler Cole, Willow has also dropped off her latest self-titled album, WILLOW.